90% untreated water flowing into Bang Tao canal


90% of business administrators and local people are discharging wastewater into the tarnished Bang Tao trench.

Cherng Talay Tambol Administrative Organization President Maann Samran says, “There are a few inns, eateries local people as yet discharging wastewater into Bang Tao Canal where it is streaming into the ocean.”

“Just 10% of them have associated their wastewater pipe into the wastewater treatment plants.”

“Today we will utilize sand to hinder the Bang Tao Canal so the water won’t stream into the ocean. Squander water in the trench will be siphoned and evacuated for treatment.”

“This isn’t the correct method to do it however in earnest circumstances we need to do this first.”

Phuket’s Governor gave a critical request to take care of the issue of wastewater streaming into Bang Tao Beach after the issue became a web sensation in online life.


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